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IV Therapy

Are you tired? Do you have chronic illness? Do you need to detox? 

The IV therapy is one of the best ways to bring vitamins, nutrients and medicine into the body.

The IV therapy can provide fluid when you are dehydrated from heatstroke, improving immune function and provide great antioxidants with glutathione for respiratory conditions and liver issues, and more.

Dr Aimee Kisaichi specializes in IV therapy. She currently offers:

  • B-Vitamin injections

  • Magnesium push

  • Lactated ringers IV

  • ALA, regular Vitamin C with nutrients and High dose Vitamin C with nutrient

  • Modified Myer's Cocktail

  • High dose vitamin C will require G6PD lab testing prior to treatment, please bring in results if available. 

We REQUIRE A FIRST OFFICE VISIT to assess your IV needs before IV treatments. Please set up an appointment with Dr Aimee first to discuss.


NCIC offers IV therapy at an affordable rate. 

Please call (206)708-1212 for questions, pricing and appointments.

Nutritional Vitamin Shots (NOT IV) By Dr. Darci Davis

A Nutritional Vitamin Shot is a high dose of vitamins and minerals given to the body through intramuscular injection.

Boost Your Energy, Mood and Metabolism with the Most Absorbable forms of Vitamins.

Need an energy boost? Help with weight loss? Skin or stress support?
Dr. Davis’ intramuscular nutrient injections provide highly concentrated nutrients that can readily reach tissues and cells without being processed through the digestive tract.  This helps to achieve optimal nutrient levels quickly.

Here is what is offered:

Serenity $45
B vitamins, glycine, Taurine and tryptophan helps with anxiety and gives you a feeling of full body calmness.

Pure Energy $15
Simply put this B-complex provides sustainable and lasting energy.
B complex provides the energy and focus that you need to take on even the biggest physical or mental tasks. It’s a perfect alternative to caffeine for fatigue, training or when you know you are going to need an extra push of energy.

Lift the fog $15
B12 this nutrient is effective for providing energy without the effects of caffeine.
A dose of B12 to help you to increase your energy levels while balancing your mood so that you feel ready to take on life again. This is the perfect shot for when you are feeling tired or down and are looking for a physical and mental boost.

Even More Pure Energy $45
B12, B complex, zinc, carnitine and CoQ10 provide a lasting pick me up to fuel your day for whatever you may need that extra umph!

Radiant Skin with a Glow $60
Vitamin C, Glutathione, B-complex, Biotin, and Zinc provides lasting radiant skin support

What Adrenal Fatigue? $45
Kick off repairing your adrenal glands with MIC, zinc, B5, B6
and vitamin C

Blood Sugar Stabilizer $45
B12, B5, B6, taurine and CoQ10 this combination of nutrients is effective for controlling blood sugar.  While increasing energy and mood at the same time.

Vitality shot $20
CoQ10 supports your mitochondrial function to boost energy, heart function and improve exercise performance.

Metabolism Booster $60
MIC, Carnitine, B- complex, B12, CoQ10 and B5 helps your body burn fat. This combination of nutrients provides a powerful force of muscle building, fat burning and energy boosting in the body. Best results are seen combining these injections with diet and exercise.

Detox Accelerator/Athletic Shot $20
Glutathione- is a major boost in your detoxification pathways.  It also helps improve exercise recovery.  It is a major anti-oxidant

Be Healthy $45
This combination of nutrients contain a combination of B vitamins, Vitamin C and other health boosting vitamins and nutrients that will help you to prevent illness, as well as bounce back faster when you are feeling under the weather.

May add any additional nutrient to any combo or single nutrient for an extra $15 each.

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