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The Shockwave therapy at NCIC is also called acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT). It has been used in the medical industry for decades (especially among Veterinarians in the US and healthcare professionals in Europe and Canada). Just recently AWT was recognized as an effective, therapeutic solution for application on the human body as well. The Miracle Wave® technology shows beneficial results in helping and aiding minor musculoskeletal aches and pains, while temporarily increasing local blood circulation. In physical terms, AWT works by sending low-energy pulses into the affected area of the injured tissue. These pressure waves may stimulate the natural bio-healing effects in the body. In conjunction with decades of clinical experience and our reputable partnership with internationally acclaimed leaders, our expert team behind The Miracle Wave® is committed to providing physicians & healthcare providers with the latest in NON-INVASIVE, FDA-registered therapeutic massage treatment available today, and in the future. To that end, we proudly offer all our clients who implement our acoustic wave technology.

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