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Stress Balancing Herb

Stress Balancing Herb

Ashwagandha – My Favorite Herb by Dr. Darci Davis* Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen, meaning it promotes balance in many different systems of the body. * It can help the body adapt to stressful conditions.* It is a nourishing tonic that supports the nervous system and the endocrine system* Ashwagandha also supports cardiovascular and immune health.Has your day to day life left you chronically tired and quite drained? Do you think you might be able to restore that vigor and energy? I do. The roots of the plant Ashwagandha have been prescribed for everything from impotence, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, to general debility.Lowers blood pressure- hypertension is a dangerous disease because if left untreated, it can damage and weaken you blood vessels. This herb enhances nitric oxide production in your body causing the blood vessels to dilate, reducing blood pressure. Anxiety and stress can also cause blood pressure to shoot up. Ashwagandha can bring them under control. Ashwagandha is a well known adaptogen. What is an adaptogen? It is a substance that helps the body adapt to stress, caused by changes in environment or lifestyle. It also helps combat the stress of exercise. Recovery from exercise is improved. It can treat anxiety, tension, mild depression, increase mental alertness. It can improve sleep. The scientific name of Ashwagandha is Withania somnifera. A somniferous substance is something that is capable of inducing sleep. But it is not a sedative. It acts by reducing stress, improving vitality and making the body more active and robust. This in turn restores the natural sleep mechanism of the body. Ashwagandha is a complete herb. It fights stress, tension, anxiety, depression and even cognitive degenerative diseases. It can enhance your cognitive ability, making you more mentally alert and focused.

By Dr Darci Davis“Recommend to decrease your stress during Holiday seasons at the same time you can use the help from herb/ adaptogen to balance your life. Happy Holiday:)”​

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