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Covid testing

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

PCR vs Rapid test

Written by Dr Veronica Neumann

PCR testing

· Specificity >97%, sensitivity 98% in symptomatic patients 1

· Specificity >99%, sensitivity 81-90% in asymptomatic patients 2

· Amplifies genes so a small amount of coronavirus can be detected 1

· Gold standard 3

Rapid testing

· Specificity 99.2%, sensitivity 91% in symptomatic patients 3

· Specificity 98-100%, sensitivity 36-82% in asymptomatic patients 4

· Faster but less accurate than PCR 5

· Lab-made antibodies search for antigen made by virus 5

· No amplification- there must be enough viral antigen in sample to get positive test B

o Detect infection early in the disease course (within 5 to 7 days after symptom onset) when viral loads are high 5

· In early stages of infection, not a lot of virus is in the nose and throat- making sample collection less accurate 3

· Results correlate better with patient infectiousness than PCR 5

Other things to note:

· Symptomatic people with a negative rapid test should retest if they have a high probability of infection 1

· Asymptomatic people with known COVID exposure should test 5-7 days after exposure and if rapid testing is negative, they should test again 2 days later. 1

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