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Trigger Point Needling

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Dr Masa has earned his PhD in December, 2019. His dissertation is "The Observation of the Complexity of Trigger Point Local Twitch Response (LTR) within Neuro Mayofascial Dynamics by Upper Trapezius Acupuncture Ashi Needling". He will continue to work with his mentor, Dr George Einstein at Einstein Institute. Dr Masa plans to publish a few articles in 2020 regards to new findings and truth about trigger point needling techniques that some may call "Dry Needling".

Dr Masa says "I feels responsibility to clarify this Needling technique and give credits to all prior practitioners that stood before me. Gratitude to all medical practitioners that we are all here to help others. I learn so much from everyone. Without all your work, I would not be able to complete my dissertation. Thank you."

Masahiro Takakura, ND, PhD, DC, LAc

Dr Masa with his mentor,

Dr George Einstein.

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